Photographer Bio

Atlanta-based lead photographer, Jonathan Thomas, is an Army Brat that has been exposed to beautiful views of the world from as far back as he remembers.  A few years ago, he was encouraged to add a professional camera to his iPhone footage repertoire.  Little did he know his journey would take on a new life, as he was able to share his views of the world with the people around him on a larger scale.  Self-taught, Jonathan has developed an interesting way of telling stories with the lens of his camera that are easily relatable to those that see them. 

There is captivating beauty all around us, and Jonathan’s wide-ranging niche encompasses all of it. From scouting out creative locations for boudoir shoots to capturing warm family moments that will tell stories for generations; embracing the city’s streets and landscapes of this beautiful world we live in, Jonathan continues to bring you visions from his eyes to your soul.  

If you would like to reach out to Jonathan directly, you can email him at, or contact him via telephone at (404) 901-1066 for additional information.